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There is only so much of everyone around me taking vacations and boasting about it that I can handle. It feels like it's been weeks of nothing but people around me bragging about how excited they are for events that they're going to, events that they know I'm not going to be a apart of, and I just sit there and try to ignore it. It feels like it's inescapable. It's not even entirely the prospect of missing out on a vacation that makes me feel like shit, it's everyone never shutting up about exclusive happenings around and to me. I feel so vexed and exhausted this year and I have plenty I'd like to escape from and go relax someplace nice too. I hate it. It's such an adjustment being on my own that by the time I get used to it I really do not want to make room for people again. I really don't. I don't know if I will this time. Muh.


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